Top 5 Tips to Take Better Pictures on your Android Smartphone

Presently, you’d have noticed the rapid spread of quality pictures dominating the social media and the question that comes to mind is “if all the pictures were taken by a professional photographer?”
Well it is no coincidence that the swift spread of photography in the social media is happening at the same time when the production of quality smartphones is on the rise. Manufacturers of smartphones are also releasing new generations of hardware, applications, and powerful camera pixel.

Today, you can use your phones to document any event of your life or around you and this could be done professionally using your phone. So we see that some smartphones are primarily used as cameras before they are now used for the purpose of phone. At the moment we see that when people are going for camping or events, they don’t border themselves with searching for sophisticated digital cameras. Instead they make do with their smartphones.

In short, the pictures by smartphone cameras are just awesome.

However, having a smartphone with high megapixel is not just enough because you still need to understand some basic actions of taking a good photograph. The software that comes with your smartphones is very powerful and can be used effectively the same way the features work in a professional camera. In this particular article, I will be sharing with you how you can use your smartphone cameras to snap professional pictures that are mind-blowing. Do not use Optical Zoom: Many android smartphone cameras comes with a ‘zoom’ feature. In some phones the volume buttons by the side of the phone can be used to zoom-in or zoom-out. Avoid the use of optical zoom whenever you are about to take any picture. This is because if you zoom before taking your shot, the picture is already cropped.

This implies that when you realize that the picture you snapped is getting damaged; you cannot crop off that part that is bad. Hence it is better you don’t zoom-in the image whenever you are taking a picture. If there is need to zoom any object, it is advisable you do it after you have taken your shot. Practice the Use of HDR Mode: HDR mode is a feature which helps see the original colour of any object anytime you are taking shot in a position that is against the Light.

Most newly manufactured smartphones that have flash comes with an automatic HDR mode. If you enable the HDR mode whenever you are taking a picture, your phone will take about 3 – 4 different pictures of the same object. It will take the pictures from different light intensity and then combine all the different pictures snapped to give you an absolute image that is fuller and has more colour quality than the original image.

The implication of this action is that whenever you are taking a picture in a direction opposite the light, just ensure that you have turned – on your HDR mode or put it on automatic mode. You may decide to keep both pictures, that is- the HDR-image and the normal image.

You can Use Burst Mode: like other camera features, this feature is also preloaded with your smartphone camera apps.

Burt mode is important if you wish to take the picture of an event that occurs in a nanoseconds, for instance a raindrop falling on a surface, fireworks etc.

So if you want to snap any picture that last for a few seconds, the burst mode will help with that. To use it, all you need do is to select the burst mode button and hold it down. Then press down the shutter button on your camera.

This will make your camera to take series of shots which you can later go through to select the one you love and delete the ones you don’t like.


Use modes that fit the different pictures: your Android Smartphone Camera apps are already preloaded with different picture modes. So you can choose any of the modes that fit the scenario you wish to portray. For instance, if you wish to take a picture that describes a setting or landscape, then you can suitably use the landscape mode when taking the pictures etc.

Focus on the object you are taking: If for instance you are taking the shot of different bouquet of flowers, you can tap on the main object in the screen of your phone. Once you do, the object will become more clear and detailed than before then you take your shot.Experiment with different editing apps: aside from the default camera app that comes with your phone, you can also download other good image – editing Software that can be used to perfect pictures.

Just like every other creative apps used for beautifying arts, image-editing apps does the same if used properly. It is a great tool for expression or giving details to your pictures.

So you can experiment with different image – editing apps on your phones to know the app that has the features that you desire and that which can use easily.

After editing it is advisable you save the pictures both the edited and the original once. One beauty about android smartphones is that it allows the use of external memory card.

So you can remove the Micro SD card once it is full and avoid the storage of pictures on the internal memory of your phone.



The above mentioned ways explains how you can use your smartphone camera to take pictures that are awesome and professionally standard.
If your Android smartphone does not have these apps, you can get one from your Google Play Store.


Tips to Sort the Best E-Tailer to buy an iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Kit


IPhone 6 is one of the world’s most expensive smartphone available in the market today. Because of its expensive nature, people that own iPhone 6 take extreme measures to protect the iPhone from scratch, dirt, pollutions, and water.

In order to protect the iPhone 6 from these forms of damage, owners tend to use flip covers, screen guards etc. to guard their treasure. But some other set of people prefer to display their iPhones just like that. They find the use of these accessories unattractive or too disturbing for them to bear.

The truth is that none of these measures is full-proof most especially when it comes to mechanical and water damage. No matter how solid the screen guard is, be it Gorilla glass or armor flip, it is not fully secured because once the phone hits a solid surface with its edges it will break.


The screen will crack and this will give the lovely phone a bad look or in some cases it may become difficult to operate the iPhone 6. If the screen should break, it may as well affect some other related part of the screen. For you to replace this screen, you’d need to get quality iPhone 6 screen replacement kit that has original ‘Apple digitizer screen’ and other tools for replacement.

Choosing the right replacement kit is very vital when it comes to iPhone 6 screens, because on the web you will come across different types of iPhone 6 replacement kit. Getting quality iPhone 6 screen replacement kit depends on the reputation and credibility of the e-tailer you come in contact with.

Before you make any purchase, ensure you are dealing with a certified and accredited e-tailer. For the authenticity and credibility of the e-tailer you get your kit from will guarantee the quality of products you are buying.