Malwarebytes Vs Avast | Find Out Who is the Winner (2019)

Avast and Malwarebytes are a popular browser-based antivirus IT software created to provide safety and security to the world along with maintaining privacy aspects. The software acts as a protecting shield for a system, server, and devices against viral contaminations and threats. It can run on Mac as well as Windows operating system. It is a fast and simple software which does not require tech-savvy. The main feature and Avast vs Malwarebytes review are discussed below and that it can work on multiple interconnected devices.

Minimum system requirements for Avast Antivirus software:

  • Window 10, window 8 with starter edition of 32 or 64 bits.
  • Availability of 1 GB RAM
  • Availability of 2 GB free space on the hard disk.
  • Internet connection to download the software, run and maintain it by complying with updates.
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Features of Avast Antivirus:

  • It is simple fast and free to use.
  • It acts as an intelligent antivirus because it detects the antivirus from the device and treats it in a way healthy for the device.
  • It is confined with the functioning as Smart Scan and sandbox.
  • It serves the purpose as Browser Cleanup, thereby preventing contaminated sites from impacting the data of the device.
  • It protects passwords and other confidential information from being stolen by fraud websites.
  • It limits the operations in the browsers by baring from entering the unsafe browsing hence, hence the feature known as Safe Zone Browser
  • It functions as a Firewall as well.
  • It is Anti-spam softwares that do not allow spams.
  • It is also known as Automatic Software Updater because its program is embed with own updating capability.

Functions of Avast AntiVirus:

The updated functions of Avast are:

  1. Webcam Shield: The webcam shield function of the Avast protects the webcam being accessed by various applications and malware without the consent of the user.
  2. Sensitive Data Shield: The sensitive data shield protects the personal and sensitive information stored on the device and browsers from unauthorized access made. Therefore, it secures all the private information such as passwords and online payment card details from being accessed by unauthorized parties.
  3. Ransomware Shield: It secures all the data such as photographs, files, and other information from being modified, altered and encrypted by ransom attack by protecting folders from untrusted applications.
  4. Do not disturb mode: this is one of the new features added to Avast featured to not to disturb on-going processing and activities on the device my unnecessary notifications and pop-ups. This helps in boosting up the performance of the device.

Facts about Avast Antivirus:

  • It is number 1 one customer security and prevents about 2 billion malware attacks every month.
  • It has secured award-winning positions in protecting online privacy and security of the users.
  • It helps in keeping families safe by reporting the activities of children and preventing them from online trappers.
  • It has helped in boosting up the life of the devices by cleaning up junk and hazardous material timely.

Thus, Avast has helped in safeguarding the data and identity of customers with easy use policy.