How to solve Common Mobdro errors?

mobdro errors

Are you looking for an app which gives you access to unlimited movies, videos, TV shows, games and several other popular videos that too for free? If the answer is yes, then you must surely try out the latest version of Mobdro app. This app gives you access to unlimited entertainment by streaming the videos and shows using free sources. The app is available on almost all popular smartphones and devices. You can also access this app on devices like PC, Laptop, Mac book, Fire TV, Android TV, Kodi and several other devices.

However, there is a possibility that you might not have installed the application properly on your device. This may lead to numerous errors while accessing the app. Sometimes if the installation is not done properly, the app may work for few days but then, later on, it may start raising bugs. To solve this issue here we bring to you the list of most common errors faced by users while accessing Mobdro on Android TV, Firestick, and Kodi, Smart TV or any other Android device or PC. This guide will help you troubleshoot all your mobdro not working and issues

In case you are not sure about the problem you are facing, try to find out and then try to fix it. Because without knowing the problem, you cannot find a solution for it. Solution for most common errors faced by Mobdro users is as follows

Parse Error – Most users get this error when the .apk file of the app gets corrupted or might be the apk file is not completely downloaded. This can be one of the reasons for this error. So you need to download the app from other source and make sure it is completely downloaded. Parse error may also come if your device is not compatible with the application i.e. your Android OS version or the hardware of your device might not be compatible with the version of Mobdro app. In this case, download an app which is compatible with your OS. This happens mostly on Android devices with a version lower than Android 4.1

No connection error – This error is mainly caused due to the slow fetching time of the data from the server. Mobdro works by crawling the web for free streams, sorting the streams as per category and then capturing them for the users. The bandwidth that might be available for streaming depends on the video which you are streaming. It also depends upon your internet connection. If you have a high-speed internet then it will stream fast. In case of this error check your internet connection properly for a good internet speed.

Video Playback Error – This error mostly comes when you are trying to stream videos online rather than download them. To solve this error go to settings ->about. Tap on Build number 7 times continuously and enable the Developer mode. Go to settings --> Developer option and select Nuplayer or AwesomePlayer and enable it. Now reboot your device. This solution works for Android OS version less than 6.0.

Currently, offline error – This is the most common error faced by Mobdro users. To fix this, Open Opera VPN. If you do not haveit then download from Google Play Store. On activation of the VPN, the error is resolved.